GoddessJoy Designs "Frost Fox"

“Frost Fox Goddess”

This year has flown by. The heat of the summer had me hiding, again, as it does every year. Autumn’s cooler temperatures have me out and about exploring my beloved nature, my body feeling more comfortable and more “me”. The past two months have been busy with jewelry shows, creating, selling, creating more, wash, rinse, repeat.

My hands are fighting with me a bit more than usual, which forces me to change the way that I create, adjust my style, take breaks a little more often. But that’s ok. It allows me to mix things up a bit. Discard what isn’t working, add new things and techniques that do work. This finds me using more chain and wired links, while using less bead stringing and seed beads. I just can’t hold the beads to string them for any length of time without making my fingers hurt for a day or so afterwards. So, adjust, adapt, move forward.

I’m rediscovering my love of stones. At recent shows, I’ve noticed that folks are looking for pieces with a story behind them, pieces that have a little more meaning to them. I think we’re all looking for a little more meaning to our lives right now. Finding it wherever we can. A piece of jewelry, being mindful of where we spend our money, recognizing the little things in our lives that bring us peace and happiness. Stones seem to do that for many of us. Their age, thousands of years old, and their stories, resonate with us for a variety of reasons. Some of us know why, other don’t. They make us feel good, calm, powerful, peaceful, focused, or whatever it is we need at the moment in time we touch them. Stones have been used for as long as we have looked at them as talismans and treasures. Personal reminders of our own power. I’m ready to focus on that again.

Enjoy the rest of Autumn. Winter will be here soon.


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