Winter Play…

Hand sculpted reef shell pendant

Cold “porcelain” reef on shell slice with pearls embedded. Colored with acrylic paint, sealed with a matte varnish.

Winter again….and I’ve been away from my bead table, giving my hands and my brain a break after doing so many shows leading up to the holiday shopping season. Not that I haven’t been creating in the mean time. I’ve been painting, something that I used to do quite often, way back when, and have missed.

I’ve also started playing with clay. Years ago I tried my hand at polymer clay, but wasn’t happy with my results or with the process. I get migraines very easily (seriously, one whiff of one molecule can trigger a days long migraine) and baking the polymer clay triggered a migraine. Baking the clay out on my patio didn’t help. I hung it up and was disappointed. I had so many ideas in my head that I wanted to try!

Fossilized Wood with apoxie sculpt set pearl and Rainbow Moonstone, hand sculpted barnacles, and copper loop. Colored with acrylic paint, sealed with matte varnish.

I researched air dry options and discovered a couple options that I wanted to try, cold “porcelain” and apoxie sculpt. Both feel solid when dry and can take paint/finishes to give them the look I was after. Making these mini sculpture pendants has become addictive! I’m enjoying creating these little pieces of art that I will eventually use in finished jewelry creations once I get back to the bead table in March.

What have you been up to this winter?


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