Winter is continuing its slow decline and spring is making itself known more and more with each passing day.

From my second floor apartment patio, I can see an hear the birds starting their seasonal rituals. Their songs are getting more melodic, flights are a bit more showy, everything they’re doing seems to have more purpose

My container garden is responding to the longer days as well. I stopped deadheading my flowers in autumn so I would have seeds to scatter and so the birds could help. The birds made quick work of most seeds, scattering many in my planters. I scattered what was left. Now I’m seeing the first tiny sprouts just peeking above the soggy soil. (We’re still drying out here from the record setting rains.) Tiny green leaves turning towards the sun. 

“Pensive Perch” Detail-Pendant by Summer Wind Art

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So I’m working on my own spring creations. Taking it slow and playing with knotting, inspired by birds who buildi ntricate nests with their beaks using what they find. There’s something relaxing about sitting and knotting beads, one at a time, along a thread. Methodical. Slow. Meditative. Always learning from the birds. 

Sweet bird of time and change
You must be laughing
Up on your feathers laughing

– Sweet Bird – Joni Mitchell 

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