Lyrical Inspiration – So Much Sky

Luna the Great Horned Owl – Educational Ambassador at WERC

Something else that is an important part of my life is my volunteer work at the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center, aka WERC. I started there 6 years ago as an animal care volunteer, helping with injured and orphaned wildlife, and helping to take care of the permanent residents who live at the center. Now I serve as President of our Board of Directors.

We care for injured and orphaned birds of all sizes, from Hummingbirds to Eagles, with the ultimate goal being their eventual release back in to the wild. Seeing a bird that has been in our care, sometimes for months, flying free, always sets my heart a’ flutter.

A phrase I’ve muttered to myself, looking up at a just released bird flying in to the big open sky is “…so much sky….” It makes my soul smile.

Fast forward. One of my favorite bands is called The Temper Trap. They’re an Australian band, a bit poppy, a little rock, a little of what gets called ‘alternative’ these days. Their newest album was released last year. Much to my surprise, there was a track called ‘So Much Sky’. You can give it a listen/look here.


I listen to music when I create. Naturally, I had to create a bird necklace in honor of ‘So Much Sky’. The purple lucite owl was staring at me and the ‘Cosmic Owl’ necklace was born. Purple, sparkle, iridescent blue, copper. Simple. Airy.

Buy ‘Cosmic Owl’ here

Down below my people roam
Looking up the sky goes on and on
Down below my people roam
Looking up the sky goes on
And on and on
– So Much Sky – The Temper Trap


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