Once Upon a Time…

Ashley and I after a day of working together in her store

I walked in to a little bead store in San Juan Bautista and met the most effervescent soul I’ve ever come across.

The store was called Charmed. It was filled with fairies, dragons, suncatchers, and beads. The owner was a young lady who had started the store with her mom (who was equally amazing!) named Ashley and she had created a haven for creative types of all kinds.

At that point in my life I was just coming out of my own bead shop debacle and feeling very isolated. I still had few real friends here in California despite being here for almost 4 years. Ashley’s smile and kindness were a soothing balm to my wounded soul.

We became quick friends. Bonding over our love of beading, building our friendship on our sharing of our lives. I’m proud to call her Friend, to call her Sister.

It’s been 14 years now, since we’ve met. In just a few days she will be heading off to Oregon for a new adventure in her life. While I’m sad to see her moving, I’m ejxcited to see what her next adventures bring.

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